Best Portable Generator

Power outages can be unavoidable. And some regions actually have frequent power outages because of storms and other events. Without a generator, winter can be brutal and summer can be cruel.

Back in the day, generators were huge, heavy, and noisy. Fortunately today, there are portable ones that have little to no noise.

In this list are some of the best portable generators I have found. I have tried different types of generators over the years because we need them, so I can definitely say that my research is valid.

Top 3 Best Portable Generator List

Check out our recommendations for the best portable generators, along with their features, benefits, pros and cons:

Champion 1400 Watt Portable RV and Home Generator 42432

This is a great and powerful generator for home use. I wouldn’t recommend it for camping though because it’s not that lightweight. For RV use, it can be fine.

For emergencies, this is a reliable and powerful generator. It can power your appliances during power outages. It runs at 1,400 watts powered by an 80cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine fueled by gasoline.

Features of the Champion 1400 Watt Portable Generator 42432

Power : 10 amps at 120 volts

Fuel Tank: 1.5-Gallon tank

Noise Level: 65 dBA noise level from 23 feet which is alright considering it’s for home use

Run Time: Can reach 10 hours of power at 50% load


  • Low oil auto shut-off
  • This sensor notifies you if the oil is low a

Dimension: 45 cm L x 37.2 cm W x 38.3 cm H

Weight: 136.7 lbs

  • Powerful
  • Long run time
  • Low oil sensor
  • Not quite light enough for travel
  • Still has some noise
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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

It’s easy to see why a lot of people rave about this generator.

It’s powered by electricity and solar panels, but the latter does not come included in the package. You have to buy it separately.

It’s called Explorer 500 because it cannot power devices that require more than 500 watts. This translates to a more safe usage. It’s pretty portable too so I would say this is best for outdoor use.

Features of the Jackery Solar Emergency Generator

Safe and Stable Power:

  • Does not power devices rated over 500W
  • 500 watt (surge 1000W)


  • Standard 12V/10A carport
  • 3 x 5V/2.4A USB ports

Portable Charging:

  • Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar panel full charge within 14 hours (in full sun)
  • Carport within 16 hours
  • AC wall outlet within 8 hours

Emergency: Dependable power supply for emergencies or power outages


  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Reduced audible and electrical noise
  • BMS system for protection from: over-voltage, over-current, overheating
  • Keeps you and your devices safe

Dimension: 11.84” L x 7.59” W x 9.2” H

Weight: 13.32 lbs

  • Multi-outlet
  • Ultra-portable
  • 3 ways to charge
  • Clean and green
  • You can’t use it without another power source or your vehicle
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Sungzu Portable Power Station 1000W

It looks like a CPU case but it is a reliable source of power.

This generator works for almost all the electric devices provided they run with less than 1000 watts. There are 2 ways to power this generator: through an electric wall socket or through solar panels – which are sold separately.

Features of the Sungza Portable 1000W Power Station Generator


1010 Watts  (273,000mAh/3.7V)

Longer power supply


2 x AC outlets (110V 9.1A 60Hz)

2 x DC ports (12V/8A max)

4 x USB ports (5V 3A max)


OLED screen that displays: charging/discharging, battery life, USB 5 v, out 12 v, and temperature


Lithium battery pack

Full charge takes 5 ½ – 7 hours through a wall socket

Full charge around 8 hours by 200W and 14hrs 100W through solar panel at normal sun conditions


Protection from:

  • Short circuit
  • Over-charging
  • Overheating
  • Over-discharge
  • Over-voltage




16” L x 6.4” W x 10.8” L


25.4 lbs

  • Power-efficient
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Multi-outlet
  • Safe
  • Clean and green
  • Very quiet
  • Recharging is hard without the solar panel when you’re outdoors
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Portable Generator Buying Guide


Portable generators still come in different shapes and sizes, including starting and running watts. Know what you need it for and what equipment, vehicle, tools, etc. that you want powered.

What you do is determine all the things you want to run all at once. Record each of their starting watts (watts needed to start an equipment with a motor) and running watts (watts needed to keep them running). Add everything and get the total.

The generator you need should be able to produce the total running and starting watts or more to power these items. If you are going to be using your generator for camping or your RV, we have some helpful information about that for you too.


Generators are either fueled by gasoline, diesel, or propane. Among the three, propane is the fastest to burn, which means it is the fastest to produce power. It also has a cleaner burn compared to the other two.

The only con is that propane is expensive. If you are to run your generator, for say, 10 hours, propane would not be the best choice.


Like I said, generators come in many shapes and sizes. The ones we have today are less heavy and bulky than the ones available some few decades back. But they are still heavy.

They have to be. They are power sources after all!

But there are portable generators that have wheels, cases, and foldable handles. These make for easier transport and storage.

Run Time

The longer the run time, the less the need to constantly refuel the generator. But if you don’t mind refueling a couple of times at a time, there are generators for it too.

Number of Outlets

Choose a generator that has the correct type of outlets, and enough number of outlets for all your needs.

Included Cords

Not all generators might have a cord(s) included in the package. Some do, some don’t. These cord sets are usually used for extension wiring. So if they don’t come included in the package, I suggest you get one.

We also have a guide if you need to know how to make your generator quieter.

Summary for Best Portable Generator

For me, portable generators are a must. They can be used as a sole source of power, or be reserved for emergency uses like storms. But they are too big and heavy to be used for camping.

I tried using my current generator as a source of power even when our electricity is out, just to test it out. It’s the weekend and nobody else is at home except me.

I connected 3 things: the mini-fridge, my laptop, and my computer. It held up pretty well for 4 hours and I was able to use them like I always do.

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