Best Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit

When you live in a region that is plagued by frequent storms, you might want to get a generator powered by gas, specifically natural gas.

This is because when storms are devastating and have destroyed many establishments and structures, what happens is your area will run out of gasoline in no time. Therefore, there’ll be no more gasoline to power your generator.

Deciding on the best tri fuel generator conversion kit, along with our help and guidance – just became a little bit easier!

Choosing the Best Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit for your needs

Generators powered by natural gas are best for storm-prone areas or even just in general in my opinion. But if you already have one that’s powered by gasoline or diesel and don’t want to spend for another generator, all you need is a conversion kit.

I have the Hutch Mountain Honda EU2000i Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit because I also have a gasoline-powered generator and want to “convert”.

Why I Chose Natural Gas

If your power line doesn’t go out ever or only goes out because of a strong storm, lucky for you. But for those who constantly suffer from a power outage, the best solution to address it would be a generator.

For me, generators are one of the best inventions there is, probably because I can’t live without electricity. I feel like without, there’s no civilization at all. But having no power during storms is a different story.

But then again, some big storms are unexpected and unpredictable. It’s always best to have a generator on-hand whether it’s a portable one, standby, or conventional.

There are other benefits to going “natural gas”. If you want to know my thoughts about my generator conversion kit, read on to know more.

What’s with natural gas?

Aside from the reason above, gasoline can be an impractical source of fuel in the long run. For one, the price is predicted to always go up. In my opinion and in most people’s, the prices of resources have nowhere else to go but up these days.

This drove people to be more efficient in their energy and fuel consumption. And for good reason. We all have to help mother earth in one way or another, even in the simplest of ways.

How Natural Gas Generators Work

Natural gas generators are, of course, powered by natural gas in order to produce another power which is electricity. Natural gas includes propane, liquified petroleum, methane, butane, ethane, that we use at home.

Like gasoline, they need to undergo combustion. This natural gas is mixed with air to form a mixture. It is then compressed by a piston and ignited by a spark plug.

The spark from the spark plug triggers the generator’s rotating motor to spin and create the electric current. This is the power that comes out of a generator where home appliances run from if there are power outages.

The bigger the generator’s engine is, the more electricity it can produce and the bigger home appliances or even cars it can power.

Difference Between Gasoline and Natural Gas Combustion

Unlike diesel or gasoline-powered generators, natural-gas generators do not utilize liquid fuel. They burn gaseous ones. To do this, a carburetor is required.

Like I said, if you do not own a natural gas generator, you only need to get yourself a generator conversion kit.

Benefits of Natural Gas Over Other Fuels

Aside from being more accessible during storms and bad weather, natural gas does not expire. Gasoline and diesel do.

Gasoline has a super short shelf-life and can cause engine failure. Diesel, on the other hand, is prone to fungal growth and can change in texture or consistency or create hard deposits if not stored the right way. Gasoline can also humidify and create sediments or change in quality when used.

Propane can be stored for years and will not gum up, expire, lose its quality, or go bad. It also burns greener and does not cause much air pollution compared to diesel or gasoline. With propane or natural gas, your generator’s engine will not get damaged, will last longer, and will start better even in chilly weather.

Hutch Mountain Honda EU2000i Trifuel Generator Conversion Kit

I have a Honda generator and I use this conversion kit from Hutch Mountain that I am currently using.

Features of the Hutch Mountain Honda Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit

  • Carburetor:
    • No drilling/modifying needed
    • No drilling/modifying needed
    • No-clog carburetors
    • Non-gummed up
    • Durable Clean burn
  • RV-ready: RV-ready using the quick connect hose
  • Power:
    • Proprietary flow adapter allows for more power
    • Does not limit airflow
  • Run Time: Up to 20 hours or more using a standard propane tank
  • Operation:
    • Economy mode
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to install
    • Comes assembled at 90%
    • Instruction manual with pictures
  • Fuel Option:
    • Propane
    • Natural Gas
    • Gasoline

Inclusions: Complete components

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Economic
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Easy to install
  • Fast installation (only 45 minutes)
  • Prevents gummed up carburetors
  • Prevents carburetor damage
  • Great for emergencies
  • On-hand power when you need it
  • Longer and uninterrupted run time
  • Helps engines and generators to last longer
  • RV-ready
  • No more smelly gasoline
  • Less air pollution
  • Can be a bit expensive for some
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Tri Fuel Generator Conversion Kit FAQs

1. How heavy is it?

It weighs around 5 lbs.

2. How many regulators are needed to connect to an RV for a BBQ?

Only one regulator is needed.

3. Will this kit work for other generators?

No, I don’t think so. The company has a different kit for them, I believe.


I am finding natural gas to be a great alternative to gasoline and am liking it’s cleaner burn for the environment.

I don’t live in a state that’s not commonly stricken by hurricanes and storms. But as I said, better prepared than never. I also like the fact that I am helping the environment in my own little way.

The question is, will I keep on using it? Of course, I will. But I will still be using gasoline as well from time to time just for the sake of having options and comparisons.

This tri fuel generator conversion kit is an excellent find and the best solution if you don’t want to invest in another generator like me. It works great and I never had any problems with it. But I do find it pricey and wish it could’ve been more affordable.

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